Basic Info

The Turn-Based Combat Game (DTBCG) is a pokemon-like game, but with tanks, including the fanmade ones on this wiki. It will contain many of the same features, such as upgrade points, upgrades, and other things, but will also have powerups.

Basic Gameplay Info

When you start the game, you have 12 points. Spend two to get a tank, one to get a powerup, and one to get two upgrade points.

When you start the game, you can do one of three things. Farm, attack, or add a tank. One powerup or one tank's special ability can be used with one of the three as well. Farming will give you one upgrade point to upgrade a stat, and attacking will deal damage to the enemy. You can choose to use body damage as a weapon as well. Adding a tank will add a tank to your side, giving you more power. Tanks cannot attack or farm on the turn that they were added. If you have more than one tank, you can use farm or attack multiple times, but you can only add one tank. Adding a tank will prevent you from doing something to one of your tanks, so if you have four tanks, and add one to make five, you can only do actions for three tanks.

When you start out, you have a basic tank. To upgrade to tier two, farm six times. To upgrade to tier three, farm another six times, and to get to tier four, farm three times. Beyond tier four, you get no stat points, and you must farm nine times in order to upgrade to the next tier. Killing an enemy tank will award the killer their stat points.


Stats are sort of like normal stats, except they can have up to three points, not seven, to make the game more simple. Remember that if stats have zero points, multipliers act as if their value is one. Adding one point makes the multipliers register them as two, and so on. Also, stat increases based on levels don't follow this rule.

Max HP: Starts out at 30, adds 40 for every level

Regeneration: Heals 1 HP per turn by default, each level adds another HP per turn

Body Damage: Deals 20 damage by default, each level adds 20. No damage done if your enemy's movement speed is higher than or equal to yours. Adds 30 HP as well per level. Will deal 20 damage to you, plus 20 times the enemy's body damage level, plus half of their bullet attack damage rounded up.

Bullet Speed: Multiplies damage and penetration by itself. If bullet speed + movement speed is lower than or equal to the enemy's movement speed, then bullet attacks are ineffective.

Bullet Damage: Does damage based on level (max of three damage)

Bullet Penetration: Multiplies damage by itself. Decreases damage done from bullet attacks by three per level.

Reload: Multiplies the three stats above it by itself, and then subtracts 15 times its level from it.

Movement Speed: Decreases damage taken from all attacks by 5 per level, starting at 5. Maxed reload adds an extra point to this.

You can have up to 15 stats, and there are 24 in total.


I am only adding the basic tank and its tier 1 upgrades for now, feel free to suggest others in the comments. Remember that if stats are negative, they are automatically the lowest level.

Basic Tank: Normal stats, nothing else.

Twin: +1 Reload, -1 Damage

Machine Gun: +1 Reload, -1 Penetration

Sniper: +2 Bullet Speed, -1 Reload

Flank Guard: -1 Penetration, Deals damage to two targets

I will add more later

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