Dimension X is an alternate univerce filled with mystery. It is created by Freakyzilla. In this mode four teams must colonize all five planets, in order to rule Dimension X. While also having to fight enemy tanks, escape Black Holes, and survive swarmes of Extraterrestrial Triangles! Only the strongest will survive, DIMENSION X!!!!!!!


Dimension X looks like space. It is a very big map, way bigger then any other maps in the game. It is also filled with Planets, Space Rocks, Stars, Black Holes, and Extraterrestrial Triangles all over the map. Plus tanks can move a little faster then they do in FFA, Team DM, Domination, or Mothership mode.


In Demension X, the map is full of planets. They are usually around stars, and they could be any size. They are also really usefull. Tanks can go hide behind big planets to regen health or upgrade with no interuptions. But some planets in particular are ones your team needs to colonize. In order to do that, you needs to shoot at the planet untill it's health bar goes down to zero. Once that happens, a dominator will appear in the center of the planet as the same colour as you, and it will be assighned to attack enemy tanks. Also a little sentence will appear ontop of your screen saying that your team got this planet (ex Green has colonized planet Halabou). Though other teams could try and claim your planet as their own, and your dominator will become theirs (ex Blue has stoll Red's colonized planet, planet Wibbltof). There are five planets in total to colonize, and they could be any where on the map. In order to know which one to colonize, it will have a health bar in the middle of it.


Stars are everywhere in Dimension X. They are huge, red, and yellow. They usually have up to eight to ten planets around it. They could also send out a solar flare that can kill a tank if it is caught in one, and you must not try and kill a sun by using body damage! It will drain all your HP! If want to get around a Star, the only safe route is around it. Stars could be any size. They can also be blue, or all red. The all red ones are small, and the blue are usually the largest.

Black Holes

Black Holes are huge black wirlpools that can suck in tanks that get to close to it. In order to stay away from them, you must see if any Space Rocks are all moving in the same direction. That usualy means a nearby Black Hole is sucking them in. If you do get sucked up by one, it is game over for you! You can also tell if you are near a Black Hole if you are drifting in a certain direction, or if you see something black, swirling.

Space Rocks

In Dimension X there is no shapes for you to upgrade from. Instead there are Space Rocks. Space Rocks are floting rocks that give you more points the bigger they are. There is also a huge nest of Large Space Rocks in the center of the map that goes by the name of The Cluster. In The Cluster, you can find Extraterrestrial Triangles, huge Space Rocks, and the rare Mother Rock, that is worth 4,000 score to the lucky tank who gets the last hit. Plus it explodes when destroyed.

Extraterrestrial Triangles

Extraterrestrial Triangles are green triangles that are found in Demension X. They could be small or large, and they could do alot of damage or a little bit. They could be found anywhere on the map, but they are mostly around The Cluster guarding the Space Rocks. They do not give alot of points if they are killed.


In Demension X, there are four teams. There is the Red Team, Blue Team, Purple Team, and the Green team. Also every team has a Space Station. The Space Station is the same colour of your team, it is guraded by invincible small triangles that attack enemy tanks, and it looks like a huge castle. Your teams Space Station is on one corner of the map. It is also has Medic Tanks to heal you if you are really injured.

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Background in Dimension X

File:The Cluster.png
  Created by: Freakyzilla

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