Dungeon Mode is a gamemode that includes team, and has different items and stuff.


There is no polygons or shapes, but there is xp bottles and AI-controlled tanks, you will have to explore the dungeons and find chests that contain loots such as xp bottles, instant health potions, or you may find a map that tells where players are. You start at level 15 and use xp bottles to level up, once everybody get to level 30, you may find AI-controlled tanks. The AI-controlled tanks only give 2,500 xp, once everybody gets to level 45, the AI-controlled tanks will be replaced with mini-bosses. There is an exit to the dungeon, but is heavily guarded with 10 mini-bosses. If a team manages to get to the exit, the team has won.


Xp Bottle: Gives 500 xp

Instant Health Potion: Heals you by 100 health

Map: Shows where players are

Bullets: Adds 10 Destroyer bullets

Minion: Adds a drone spawner to your tank (only able to have 2 drones)

Speed Potion: Adds more speed for 10 seconds

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