The Duo Tank is a Tier 4 upgrade up the Tank and upgrades into a variety of different tanks.. It has a peach BG.


The Duo Tank has 2 basic Tanks that can be controlled seperately


As the Duo Tank, every stat is increased slightly. WASD controls the first tank and the arrow keys control the second. Clicking makes both of them fire, and the nametag says {Name of Tank} A and {Name of Tank} B. Once one of the tanks is killed, it will wait until the remaining tank is healed, then the second tank will fade in next to the remaining one until it fully regens.


As the Duo Tank

Try and use both tanks to surround a tank and kill it. Doing this will make it hard to kill both tanks, making it a challenge for other players.

Against the Duo Tank

If you have a tank with multiple sides of bullets, killing the Duo Tank will be easy. Get full bullet penetration so you can get bast their bullets.


Coming soon!

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