The Emperor is the Overlord's Level 60 upgrade. It changes the Overlord's base to a Pentagon with Spawners on all four sides. It makes the Reload rate about 1.2x higher but decreases Bullet Penetration by a bit and Bullet Damage by a lot.


The Emperor features a pentagon base with five Spawners on each side. Instead of using Drones, the Overlord uses Mini Crashers of its team's color.

Mini Crashers

The Emperor features a similar drone system to the Overlord, where Mini Crashers go towards the mouse cursor when left click is held, and repel away from the mouse cursor when the right click is held. These Mini Crashers have a bit more strength than a regular Crasher. The Emperor produces these drones in groups of five at a rate relative to the number of skill points the player has spent on Reload. The Crashers deal bullet damage, meaning they take damage as they make contact with enemies and vice versa. When the Emperor is not controlling its Mini Crashers, they will automatically lock on to and chase down nearby polygons and tanks until they are killed or start being controlled again, or surround the Emperor if there are none. The Emperor can have up to 20 Mini Crashers max at any time.


Strong against: Anything in its Crasher cloud/scatter, 1v1s

Weak against: Tanks which are not in the Emperor's defense and groups of tanks.

As the Emperor

Since the Mini Crashers are not too strong either, Drone Health, Speed and Damage could be good upgrades. Maximizing Body Damage should be quite a troll. Health Regen and Max Health or Movement Speed could also be good surviving upgrades. Also, advanced Necromancer maneuvers should work as there are twenty Mini Crashers.

Note that an Emperor's Mini Crashers are stronger than Necromancer Drones.

Avoid facing rammers as they will go through your Crasher cloud and kill you.

Against the Emperor

Countering an Emperor is quite similar to countering an Overlord. Upon encountering one of these tanks, it is recommended to have high Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage or Bullet Speed stats that are high enough to quickly destroy its Crashers.

Tanks that have a high rate of fire, such as the Twin, Triplet, Flank Guard or Octo Tank often manage to overwhelm an Emperor's Crashers with their massive amount of bullets, making the tank easier to kill. The Emperor may also be reluctant to have its Crashers to pass through the hail of bullets. Most of the time, it will give up its target if the target has a high rate of fire.


  • This tank is essentially a nerfed playable version of the Guardian.

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