It looks like the Hybrid, except with a normal cannon instead of a Destroyer cannon, and a rectangle on the end of the Overlord-type cannon at the back. It summons stationary tanks that are the same color as Necromancer Drones (or sunchips) that look like ordinary basic tanks. There is a picture of the Engineer to the right, and one of its minions below. Keep in mind that "PLAYERNAME" will be replaced by the name of the player who summoned that minion.

Basic Info


The Engineer is a tank that upgrades from the Watcher, and upgrades to the Mechanic and the Holoprojector. The Engineer has two cannons. The one on the front functions similarly to that of the basic tank, but with reduced penetration and damage. The one on the back summons stationary turrets, which fly out of the tank at speeds dependent on Bullet Speed. The tanks fly out with the recoil of a Destroyer. The Reload of the back cannon is 1.5x slower than the Destroyer. All of the Engineer's other stats are very similar to that of the Tank.

Minions that are summoned by the engineer act as stationary turrets, with quadruple the HP, double the Body Damage, and 1.5x the Health Regeneration of a normal tank. Remember that these tanks are stationary, and cannot dodge. All of their Stats are affected by the Stat upgrades, except for movement speed, which increases their FOV. The maximum amount of minions is infinite, but they will automatically self destruct if they have not attacked any player for more than 15 seconds. By default, minions will attack using similar AI to that of Dominators, and will go for the nearest target, Polygon or tank. However, holding down right click will allow you to aim and fire.

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