The Entropy is a boss tank, which has a huge amount of health, stages, and will disorganize everything and anything. When it spawns, it will slowly move, causing chaos in the arena. Anything it touches instantly dies.


The Entropy Features a large rotating disk or binary numbers, and its design changes depending on the attack it does.



Confuse: Will cause all the tank's colors to rapidly switch between red, yellow, and white. The player's names will disappear completely. Lasts 30 seconds.

Disappear: Will become invisible, and will fire 10 destroyer bullets at random locations.

Laser: Will fire an unstoppable laser that will drain 10% of every tank in it's radius's health.

Stage one Only:

10 Bomb:Will become a dodeca - tank (ten barreled tank) and will fire bullets. The bullets have an immense amount of spread, causing them to fly all over the place.

1010101100: Will create a disk of 1's and 0's the spiral around the boss for 15 seconds. It is invincible at this point.

Stage two Only:

Glitch tanks: Will create 10 glitch tanks, that are normal level 15 - 30 tanks, but will ram into players. They have no body damage, but if they are successful, the tank they killed will become another glitched tank.

Blinded: Will blank the screen of every tank in the arena for 10 seconds. Will fire normal gunner bullets at the nearest tanks to it.

Teleportation: When below 2500 health, it will teleport. It will kill any tanks in a small radius and teleport anywhere in the arena. Will do this 5 times for each 500 lost.

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