Event Gamemodes are special game modes that only appear for a limited time every so often, as to be considered an event. They can last a varied length of time, have different times of happening, and can have their own backstories, or relation to The Tale of Diep, or nothing and are just there for fun!

Current Event Gamemodes

Random Event Gamemodes

Event Gamemodes that strictly appear for fun and a unique way to play the game.

Story Event Gamemodes

Event Gamemodes that relate to the game's actual story.


Story Event Gamemodes that appear as a result of progression in the story of The Tale of Diep. In order of first to last story wise.


Story Event Gamemodes that relate to the game's story or reference it, but are not actually tied to the exact progression needed to reach its end. A mix of Story Game Modes and Random ones. In no specific order.

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