Executioners are a new type of Drone-based enemy that can spawn in the conception expansion, The Tale of Diep. They have a 1/3000 chance of replacing any other Drone type spawn, which includes Crashers, but many other types as well. Expect a brutal death at the hands of these few.


Zathus Enemies Executioner V2

Isolated Executioner design.

Executioners are large royal purple Drones with a Machine Gun-like barrel on their back side. From the two sides leading to the point extend axe blades, similar to those of the Guillotine, one on each side. Executioners can come in three sizes all with varying health and damage, but the same mechanics. The smallest Executioners are about the size of a Large Crasher, the middle sized of the Executioners are slightly smaller than a Blue Pentagon, and the largest Executioners are noticeably larger than a Blue Pentagon, while not being even close to twice the size.


Zathus Enemies Executioners All

The three sizes of Executioner.

Executioners spawn throughout The Realm by replacing the spawn of any Drone-like enemy, at a 1/3000 chance. Like Tears of Panzer, they can spawn in groups of 3-5, with at least one of them being a large Executioner, but will not be summoned by enemies like Tears of Panzer.

Executioners have a sight range of about an Assassin, making it quite large. When activated, Executioners will begin slowly drifting toward the closest player in this radius. Small Executioners have 75 health, Medium Executioners have 120 health, and Large Executioners have 165 health. Executioners of all sizes can move at the same speeds, which is dependent on their vicinity to the player. Executioners, when activated, will move at the speed of a Level 30 player with no points in Movement Speed, and will increase their speed by 1 tile a second for every 5 tiles they get closer to a player. Executioners, no matter their size, will recover 2 HP a second if left undamaged for 3 seconds.

Executioners do not simply charge at players. They use their weapons and techniques to effectively avoid and counter players. If players do make contact with an Executioner, they will suffer a quite incredible 18 damage per second, and get inflicted with Bleeding for 2 seconds. Mainly, Executioners will want to avoid touching you outside of using their main ability.

Executioners can both dodge some bullets by looping back around, and also occasionally reflecting a bullet with their axe blades. This has a small (around 1/30) chance of happening, and the Executioner will reflect the bullet and sustain half damage.

The main advantage Executioners hold, are their boomerang attack. Executioners, when preparing to strike, will freeze in place, vibrate quickly and begin glowing a light blue, then fire out in a straight line toward the player, rotating as their Machine Gun barrel fires bullets. A second later, it will return to relatively its starting position. Executioners cannot be hurt as they boomerang launch.

Upon death, Executioners give 240 Score, and their axe blades will alone fling out and return one last time in the direction they're travelling, dealing extra damage to unaware players.



Original sketch by Zathsu.

  • Was a card in DCoW Heroes before it became an enemy.
  • You guessed it, Clash Royale's Executioner inspired its attack type. Don't kill me.
  • Axe blades are awesome. That's why.
  • The original design created by Graviatar featured armor and more axe blades. That enemy will eventually go on to become a Realm Enemy for the Desolate Plains, currently unnamed.
  • Wiki thinks axe is an incorrect spelling.

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