The explosive is a level 60 upgrade off of the Landmine. It acts like the landmine, where you go invisible, but, if touched, sends out a shockwave blast that damages players if they are in the radius of the "blast"


The Explosive looks like the smasher, but a second layer (witch rotates at a different speed) that looks like a 6-pointed star is added.


As the Explosive

Try to be near other enemy tanks and go invisible, then wait for somebody to run over you. This will get nearby tanks to low health, so you can ram their faces.

Against the Explosive

Be careful around areas where there is a lot of blues, and try to stay away from n Explosive if you glimpse one during movement. If you know where they are, shoot them constantly. The Triplet and the Quadruplet are ideal classes for this.


  • The name explains it more or less, as it acts like an explosive, the radius being the blast.
  • The spikes are there to nearly look like an explosion by itself.
  • A strange little secret, if a green polygon is on the screen when activated, the animation for exploding will be green.
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