Fallen Base

"There once was a war between the races of diep. After a long war, one team had fallen and retreated. They were not found, and they grew again. Now, they are back for revenge."


Fallen base would be a mode that has a grey base instead of the pentagon nest. It would not have special Chasers, and it would spawn Fallen Tanks. If a Fallen tank is killed, it would respawn in the teams base as whom killed it, and it would respawn as the same color.


Fallen Base plays the same as a normal TDM, but with the fallen base. Any class can spawn in the Base, but they would spawn as an automatic Tier 2, 3, or 4. If a Fallen is killed, instead of it being called a "Fallen" tank, it would be called the "[Team color] [tank name]" (Eg. Purple Hybrid or Red Twin)


  • I thought of this while being awesome at overlord.
  • TriTrapper is the best class.
  • And I'm done. Don't edit this, leave suggestions in the comments!

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