Grey/Gray Hybrid that is bigger than normal, simple as that.

Basic Info

The Fallen Hybrid is like a combination of the two existing fallen tanks, the Booster and Overlord, with an extra attack as well. The Fallen Hybrid has two attack patterns. Its drones have higher penetration than the other ones, enough to put up a fight against low penetration classes, but do lower damage. It has the same HP and body damage as the fallen booster, and its bullets do twice as much damage as normal hybrid bullets.

Pattern One makes the fallen hybrid a rammer. It shoots bullets and uses the recoil to ram you, while its drones protect it from damage. When it gets close, the drones attack, and if that does not kill you, the ramming will.

Pattern Two makes the fallen hybrid attack like a bullet hybrid, charging towards you, and stopping near you to fire a bullet. The drones will chase you down when the fallen hybrid is in pattern two.

The Fallen Hybrid cycles through these patterns every 20 seconds.

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