Fallen mode starts out as a 1-minute FFA game mode, with bosses removed from it and everyone starts with a

random team color, but 2 of the same color can still damage each other.

Every minute, a wave will start. every player cannot damage each other in the middle of a wave, and every wave starts with fallen tanks coming out of the very middle of the map. There are exclusive fallen tanks not found as normal bosses. All fallen tanks are nerved from their "boss" states. There are 10 waves. After each wave, another 1 minute FFA section starts without bosses.

Wave 1

5x Fallen basic tank

1x Fallen twin

Wave 2

1x Fallen machine gun

1x Fallen sniper

1x Fallen flank gaurd

1x Fallen twin

Wave 3

2x Fallen hunter

1x Fallen overseer

2x Fallen quad tank

1x Fallen tri-angle

Wave 4

1x Fallen octo-tank

2x Fallen twin flank

3x Fallen gunner

2x Fallen trapper

3x Fallen overseer

1x Fallen destroyer

Wave 5 (boss wave)

1x Fallen booster

1x Fallen overlord

Wave 6

3x Fallen smasher

5x fallen gunner

2x fallen triple twin

1x fallen hybrid

1x fallen assasin

1x fallen auto gunner

Wave 7

2x fallen streamliner

1x fallen landmine

2x fallen ranger

3x fallen triple twin

Wave 8

3x fallen auto 5

2x fallen auto 3

1x fallen auto gunner

1x fallen auto trapper

2x fallen necromancer

Wave 9

2x fallen stalker

2x fallen landmine

2x fallen manager

Wave 10

2x fallen booster

5x fallen necromancer

3x fallen quad twin

3x fallen sprayer

3x fallen hybrid

Wave 11

10x fallen autotrapper

10x fallen necromancer

10x fallen oversmasher

10x fallen auto 7

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