They tell tales of mysterious tanks. Mysterious ghost tanks which invade lands at random and always attack together. Mysterious ghost tanks who can modify themselves at will. Mysterious ghost tanks who, once, were famed warriors who received challengers from all over the land. Once, a mysterious jet black tank challenged them... They were never to be seen again until the present day. They have killed all who stand in the arenas they visit...


The Famous Fallen are a group of Fallen tanks. They have many diverse classes among themselves. They got their name from the amount of Fallen Warriors the group had destroyed. Once the jet-black tank challenged them, however, they turned into actual Fallen tanks bearing their name.


Fallen Hybrid: A rough and tough, slow-reload killer.

Fallen Tri-Trapper: The defense of the group.

Fallen Triplet: The main attacker along with Fallen Streamliner.

Fallen Triple Twin: A rather fast tank with insane bullets.

Fallen Streamliner: The main attacker along with Fallen Triplet.

Fallen Battleship: A support tank who is amazing at his job.


They will all appear in one arena. They will go their different paths but will work together when they meet.


  • This group is based off of a recent thing a bunch of Wikia members did (naming yourself Fallen ____ and working together).

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