The Fireball! is a random entity that will sometimes occur in a server. They have a 1/10,000 chance of appearing each time a Polygon spawns.


The Fireball! is a large flickering orange bullet surrounded in massive flame effects that leaves a long trail of fast moving light gray bullets behind it.


  • Will shoot in from one side of the map, and travel in a straight line until it hits a player, boss, or another wall.
    • If it hits a player or boss, it will explode.
    • If it hits another wall, it will disappear.
    • If its any Polygon OTHER than an Alpha Pentagon, the Polygon will be destroyed. If it hits an Alpha Pentagon, both die.
  • Once the Fireball! explodes, be it from hitting a player or boss, it splits into seven small orange Traps, and deals quite a lot of damage to what it hit. BUT, it gives them 10,000 score as well if they live. This score part does not effect bosses.
  • Players hit by the Fireball!'s smoke trail, will be Stunned for 6 seconds.
  • The Fireball! deals 20x damage to Bosses.
    • If the boss is killed by it, the death notification will read "The Fallen Booster was killed by a Fireball!", or whatever boss it happens to be. This only considers already in-game bosses, but could thereotically be used against Mega Bosses or Gladiator Bosses. The Sons of Panzer who reside in Fortresses, and so they can never be hit by a Fireball! because of them.


  • The '!' is part of the name.
  • Once one is spawned, everyone in the server can hear a guy crazily screaming "Fireball!".
  • Once the Fireball! leaves, is destroyed, or escapes, everyone is notified with the appropriate message:
    • "The Fireball! has escaped".
    • "The Fireball! has struck (player/boss)"
    • "The Fireball! has hit an Alpha Pentagon... fail"
  • The Fireball may come in near the top-left corner at a down left angle, making it leave almost instantly after entry. This example is given just to show the Fireball! can come in from any side at any angle.

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