The Flanker is an upgrade avaliable from the Magician or Flank Guard at Level 30. Created by SomeCatchyName. It uses the Bullet Bending ability.


The Flanker has two semi-circles on its sides, like all Bullet Bending tanks do. Also, it has two equally sized barrels that shoot bendable bullets, both at about 45° from the middle.


The Flanker has the same stats as the Magician. The only difference between the two tanks is that the Flanker gets an extra barrel.


I'm not going to go on and on about strategy here, because it's literally exactly the same as the strategy section of the Bullet Bending and Magician pages.

  • However, the Flanker has an advantage because it has more barrels, and therefore more bullets. It is also easier to flank opponents because of its barrel placement.


The Flanker upgrades to the Gunner Flanker, Tri-Flanker, Medic or Wizard at Level 45. The Medic and Wizard will have their own pages one day but the other two won't, so here's all you need to know.

Gunner Flanker

  • The Gunner Flanker adds two Gunner barrels between the flanking barrels, making it easier to defend against Bullet Spammers. It also upgrades from the Gunner.


  • The Tri-Flanker adds a third Bullet Bending barrel in the middle, making the tank look a lot like a Triple Shot. This is why it also upgrades from the Triple Shot.


  • All Tier 2 upgrades, apart from the Sniper, can upgrade to a Flanker upgrade by the time they reach Level 45.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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