The Flawed Infrared is a Boss that is based on the Infrared, however that tank can only be playable after the player beats this Boss.


The Flawed Infrared has 3 barrels in front and 2 at the side, resembling the Infrared. The barrel at the back is its defense.


Flawed Infrareds

This boss uses the 3 barrels, when needed. It uses its 2 barrels at the side all the time.


Its bullet damage is max. And its bullet speed is max. Its bullets cannot destroy polygons though.


  • Strong against: Weak tanks, tanks with low bullet damage, and the Sniper branch
  • Weak against: Overseer, and drone-using tanks


  • Beating this boss will award you the Infrared.
  • This tank is made using Fantasy Tank Builder, and editing softwares
ItzDracius's Bosses

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