A map detailing the location of everything on the overworld map in Fortress Mode.


Basic Stats

  • Size: 30x bigger than the average map.
  • Bases: Four. These bases are VERY structurally different from your average base; however. See Castle.
    • One attached to the left wall, near the bottom. (Blue Team)
    • One attached to the bottom wall, near the middle-left. (Red Team)
    • One attached to the bottom wall, near the middle-right. (Green Team)
    • One attached to the right wall, near the bottom. (Yellow Team)
  • There is no Pentagon Nest.
  • There are no Pink Triangles, but instead, wandering groups of Dungeon Crawlers, who also appear in Dungeons within the game mode.
    • Dungeon Crawlers can be found in the lower third of the map randomly, within the labyrinth, and of course, in Dungeons.
  • There is no gray zone at the edges of the map. It ends abruptly.


The bottom third of the map is a large open area with all the team bases (mentioned above), and some other structures made of Fortress walls that contain polygons, or other rewards. They may also contain Dungeon Crawlers, and rarely, a Totem of any type.

The middle third and half of the top third all make up a giant maze of walls. Within these walls, gates to Dungeons spawn. If you read that page, you know that Dungeons are not part of the overworld map, but instead are kind of like Realm of the Mad God, where you're taken to a separate map, and upon its completion you return to the main world. The labyrinth is randomly generated at the start of each game (as to always be random), but always has a way to get to the Archpuppet.

The top half of the top third (complicated, I know), contains the room where teams fight the Archpuppet, and more maze. The Archpuppet fight is in the top-middle of the entire map, and there are some more maze walls to its left and right, because that cant be empty space. The door to the Archpuppet fight is always at the bottom-middle of his room, so there is always a path leading there. The door his fight is locked, and requires 50 Arch Key Pieces to open.

And that's the Fortress Mode map, loosely laid out. For Castle layouts, (Castles are the team's bases, as they are a lot different in this game mode), visit its page.

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