Fortresses are a huge addition to the game, available in every Arena Gamemode, but 90% of Fortresses spawned will be found in The Realm.

Fortresses are gray structures made of Maze walls that ultimately form rooms. A room is a gray square with a hollow inside, and the walls are just thick enough so you can't see inside. Rooms are so big, they are ALMOST EACH about the size of a Pentagon Nest... Only one or two Fortresses will be active at a time, and will vanish once the Son of Panzer within it has been conquered, making room for another a few minutes later. 10-24 Defensive Turrets surround a Fortress and must be destroyed to enter it.

Zathus Titan Battle1

One corner of a Fortress can be seen in this image. The players are fighting The Titan.



  • Created by ZathusTheMageV.
  • Fanboys of Panzer, a randomly spawning neutral entity, usually lead to Fortresses, as they actively seek out Panzer-related tanks, of which of the Sons of Panzer are included.
  • The common interpretation of Fortresses are the ones seen in Graviatar's art, who created the one above.
  • Some Fortresses have special setpieces exclusive to certain bosses. Like during a fight with The Lich, the tiles will be hexagonal, darker, and there will be four Drone Hives in the room.
  • Winner of the First Conception Tournament in the Game Mechanics category.

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