Hi! So basically If i don't know the name of it I will use thingy. Please tell me in the comments what is the name of it. :) If this idea is taken please tell me in the comments.


This tank looks like a trapper but with a medium trapper thingy. It is slightly shrink-ed but it is faster than the trapper. It also has a cloak-like thing that has 50% health of the main tank but it cannot regenerate and the tank will be faster in moving.

Tank Info:

So this tank upgrades from Sniper class. This tank creates translucent bullets that can momentarily freeze enemy team/player for a couple of seconds.This tank is like the dark prince in Clash Royale where it has a shield. If an enemy touches you, they will be frozen for ten seconds or maybe more.After losing your shield,this tank will be more fast because the shield or cloak slows you.


One upgrade of this tank will have no cloak but instead it will have a trapper thingy that makes transparent traps or nearly invisible traps. The tank itself will not become transparent unlike manager or stalker but instead its traps will. But this tank is very slow but the traps have stronger penetration and damage. It will also lose its sniper thingy but will regain three gunner thingy.

Another is the Freezing Sniper that will shoot homing bullets just like a drone but slower bullet speed and slower reload. The sniper itself is also slow.

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