This page was made by Pitbullterriercupcakes.

Quad War-There are four colors,red,blue,yellow and green.Red has higher bullet damage,blue has higher bullet speed,green has reload and yellow has penetration.Team DM with a twist.

Top Point-The four colors have a certain weapon.Red has bullets,Blue has drones,Green has traps and Yellow uses body damage.

New tanks.....

Healers have no way to defend themselves,but they can bump into teammates to heal them.

Killers have terrible bullet power,but awesome reload and 16 guns.

Other ideas.....

Healing faster at your base.

Green rectangles that are super rare and can be found at the nests in the corners of the map.Gives off 3500 points when killed.

Different kinds of Arena Closers.

Arena closers with RAINBOW BULLETS!


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