Here are some game tweaks and edits for things that are already in the game, all this information goes into my actually possible universe.

Boss spawn rate

The first boss spawns 10 minutes after the server starts, like normal, but every other boss spawns 5 minutes after the last one has been killed.

4-team mothership

There is a 15% chance that you will join a mothership server with 4 teams. let the chaos begin. THERE ARE ALSO 4 MOTHERSHIPS TOO

Team DM dominator

some Team DM servers have a dominator in the middle, and you have a 50% chance of entering one.

Tag mode dominator re-added

Tag mode has a dominator again, but only has an 80% chance of spawning.

Super dominaton

There is a 5% chance that when you join a domination game, there will be 8 dominators, in a 3x3 grid with the middle taken out.

Pentagon nest map

The pentagon nest can be seen on the map. this can be toggled by pressing "P".

Hybrid and overtrapper buff

4 drones instead of 2.

Necromancer buff

Drones have more HP and are faster.

Sandbox stuff

no bosses that generate on their own, a button to spawn bosses instead.

being able to change size of arena. limited though.

easier class selection

being able to level up to 140

being able to move and resize the pentagon nest, as well as making multiple pentagon nests

being able to summon any polygon, as well as making polygons not spawn.

Overtrapper no longer branches off overseer

If the hybrid doesn't branch off overseer, why should the overtrapper?

Triangle >Triple twin

triangle branches into triple twin.

Annihilator redesign

Annihilator's design is so lazy so it think it should look like this:

A change people will hate me for

What is the change?

auto trapper nerf.

Your probable response

OMG why would you do that? auto trapper sucks already!!! It should totally be BUFFED, not nerfed!

My response back

Wrong. auto trapper is OP. have you even tried it? the traps can literally penetrate through an annihilator bullet, (which is literally a destroyer bullet, more on that later) and after you build a wall (Trapper God/donald trump), you can literally hide behind it, re-inforcing it, and your auto cannon attacks other players. Its mostly about the traps, but the auto turret is good too.

Annihilator buff

Your probable response

OMG annihilator is SO OP!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOULD BE NERFED IN THE NEXT UPDATE

My response back

Annihilator is LITERALLY JUST A DESTROYER WITH A BIGGER BULLET. no penetration or damage buff, no nothing. so it gets buffed with penetration and damage.

Servers and stuff

mothership is back, but every overall game mode uses less servers to support more modes.

*cough cough* you always join the same server no matter how many times you reload the page *cough cough*

Moar secondary weapons

You know how with predator and drone classes you can use shift/rmb to use a secondary weapon? (look further or make drones move away from your mouse) here are my ideas to implement that for other classes:


If you use the secondary weapon button, your range increases by 20% for 1 second. Has a 5 second cool down.


If you use the secondary weapon button, your range increases by 40% for 2 seconds. Has a 5 second cooldown.


if you use the secondary weapon button, reload will be decreased by 75% for 2 seconds. Has a 10 second cooldown.

ATB256's ideas
Tanks: Burster_(ATB_tank),Gun_burst_(ATB_tank),Mega_burster_(ATB_tank),Shield_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 2: Mega_shield,Defense_flank,Plane_shot_(ATB_tank),Auto_destroyer_(ATB_tank),
Tanks 3: Super_flank_(ATB_tank),Destroyer_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 4: Gunner_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 5: Gun_twin_(ATB_tank),Engineer_(ATB_tank)
Polygons: Octagon_(ATB_polygon)
Gamemodes: Mashup_mode_(ATB_gamemode)
Bosses: Penta-master_(ATB_boss),Smasher_King_(ATB_boss),Fallen_Mothership_(ATB_boss),Elite bosses (ATB256)
WIP: Streaker_branch_(ATB's_W.I.P_branch)

Game tweaks: Game_Tweaks_(ATB's_actually_possible_universe)

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