General Enemies are the very basic and standard enemy type of the game. They can appear in just about every game mode, are very simple (most of the time), and are just as the name suggests: A wide and general category (general not as in rank, but as in very standard). General Enemies usually replace a Polygon spawn, and will be among the first new enemies seen in The Tale of Diep by players.

It is very likely that unlike most other Tale of Diep enemy categories, General Enemies will each have their own page dedicated to them due to their more simple and easier to describe nature.


  • Clone Drones (1/800 chance to replace a Crasher spawn)
  • Punchers (1/500 chance to replace a Crasher spawn)
  • Tears of Panzer (Spawn in packs of 10-20. Usually summoned by bosses or enemies. A full pack has a 1/1200 chance to replace a Crasher spawn otherwise)
  • Defensive Turrets (Spawn outside of Fortresses and in some game modes as actual enemies)
  • Portals (1/2000 chance of replacing a Polygon spawn. Can be summoned by Prophets.
  • Thrashers (1/400 chance of replacing a Polygon spawn)
  • Executioners (1/3000 chance of replacing a Drone spawn)
  • Morphers (1/5000 chance of replacing a Drone spawn)
  • Anklebiters (Random spawn chance not based on other factors)
The Tale of Diep Enemy Types
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