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This tank features a round body and a Stalker cannon attached to a Manager- or Machine Gun-cannon-like mantle.



The Ghost is a Stalker-Ranger combination. It can turn invisible and see very far. .


Typical controls.


Strong/Weak Against


  • Strong Against: Everyone else (see Weak Against)
  • Weak Against: Fast tanks or tanks with high RoF

As the Ghost

The Ghost is an amazing tank because you can shoot enemies and if they come to find you, you can just turn invisible!


  • Bullet Speed, Penetration, Damage, and Reload are necessary unless you ram.
  • To ram, you will need Health Regen, Max Health, Body Damage, and Movement Speed. However, ramming is not the best strategy because you are pretty slow, even with maximum Movement Speed. The Landmine is a better choice.
  • Absorb maybe useful.


  • Beware of fast rammers.
  • High RoF tanks can be dangerous because they may shoot randomly and hit you.
  • Try to avoid Lasers and Rays.
  • Everyone else should be fine.

Against the Ghost

  • If you see a Ghost go invisible, try to remember where they are and shoot at them.
  • If you have as tank with high RoF, and you think there is a Ghost nearby, shoot around randomly and watch if your bullets stop anywhere in the middle of the screen. This will only happen if an invisible tank is there.


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