"God" is a tank unlocked when a player with a normal tank reaches EXACTLY 666,666 points with a base tank, at any level.


Once the machines of mass destructions were released, the gods realized it would be sage to send an artifact to the earth long time ago... Only one person could find and use it. Said person would need to be very experienced and probably have killed many colossus's to access this. Once it would be found, eternity would be given to whoever could activate it for their own use, however sacrificing too many followers would end up killing them.

One time someone DID activate it, but it was not what gods had thought. The user took fun using it to evil endings. Luckily the gods had evolved since the milleniums, and are preparing even stronger artifacts that will only be awarded to the best of slayers.

And so began the struggle for pure power.


Once the player upgrades to it, their size is three times as big as the FFA's map, however they are invisible to other players and do not collide with anything. It has no barrel from the player's view, only a hull which is 30% visible.


The player will not be able to move itself, and cannot be damaged, and deals no body damage. However by scrolling the mouse their FoV will start focusing on that location. At base they can see the whole map. Upon pressing Q,R,T and M they can spawn different OP tank types, those are listed below. Also can toggle control on/off with the F key.

Chaos Lord

Is purple, as big as an alpha pentagon and has 2 machine guns on its sides pointing to the back. Fire rate is x9 that of a normal machine gun for each, and has the same recoil than a normal one, but with adjusted recoil for the x9 reload speed. It can only move using the recoil, has 100K hp and 60 points in body damage. It's bullets will move as fast as an assassin bullet, have the penetration and damage of a base tank with 30 upgrades in both. It regens 4K hp per second after being damaged once, and the health regen can make it go past it's original hp limit and is able to reach up to 1 billion hp. Killing one of them removes 1/900 of the God's health.


Is very bright yellow and glows, is 3x faster than a tri-angle, even without recoil from barrels. It's barrels are 32 assassin barrels all evenly spaced around the tank, aswell as 4 destroyer barrels, and 48 gunner barrels. It also has 4 auto turrets. All the bullets have penetration and damage equal to barrel's tank with twice max penetration and damage. They all go as fast as bullets of a gunner with max upgrades in bullet speed. All the cannons can fire every 0.1 seconds. This tank has 20 points in body damage, 100k health regen per sec and 30m base health. It can also use attacks by pressing Z,X and V. Killing one of them removes 1/170 of the God's health.

Z: Spawns 3 smaller tanks that have the same color and glow, and have 60 gunner tanks all around the hull. They have 1k hp and 500 health regen, and have maxed stats.

X: Sends a shockwave that buffs minions from Z and itself by 800% in all stats.

V: Poly-army Polygons of the map start hitting where the mouse button is.


Spawns a tank that is 3 times as big as an alpha pentagon, and has 300k hp. No health regen, however has 1337 points in body damage AND speed. (However mass reduction makes it slower) so it can go through 2/3 of the domination map in 0.5 second. No barrels. Killing one of them removes 1/14 of the God's health.


Spawns a tank which is 1/5 the size of a normal tank at level 1, and has 1 barrel like normal. However it's bullets have 100 points in penetration and 80 in damage. The tank itself has 1 trillion of hp. If it is killed it will remove 1/2 of the God's health. This is the most efficient way to kill the god: kill 2 of these tanks.

The god upon spawning a tank will be able to control the last tank spawned. Archangel does not have any cooldown, nor does God does for tank spawning.


As the God.

just keep watching the game and laugh. Or you could spice it up by sending TONS of minions and let the AI control them.

Against the God.

Wait for it to send out AIs. If it does not, you cannot beat it.


Arena Closers cannot beat this tank, until the user sends out lots of AIs.

This tank will probably be one of the most OP tanks.

Biggest tank as of today.

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