Grappler (LVL 45)

To grapple a player, press [SPACE] once the grapple is facing them. You cannot use this on objects. Once a player in radius is hit, they will be paralysed and you will automatically move towards them, inflicting body damage when touching them (Your move time will be decreased with higher level tanks and will also depend on your movement speed). They can still fire, so make sure you press [SPACE] again to release them if your health gets low. If you grapple a grappler, they cannot fire back. If you die, the grappled tank will automatically be released. This class has a decrease in movement speed.

Buccaneer (LVL 60)

Once you upgrade to a buccaneer (If tier 5 gets added), you can fire a heavy anchor instead of a grappling hook, which has a bigger radius and will weaken the enemy, making it more likely for them to die in one hit. This class has an increase in movement speed but decrease in health regeneration.

Hope you liked my ideas!

PS - I know, my art skills are legendary

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