Growth is a gamemode where everyone starts out as an half - tank (a basic tank with a gunner cannon). The objective is to grow, through polygons and killing players. There are no stats, and no upgrades. After spawning, the player can chose to have more cannons as growth, or have stronger cannons.


As you get more stars, you slowly "grow" as your cannons multiply or get stronger, depending on which growth type you picked.

More Cannons Type:

1 gunner cannon 1 normal cannon Twin Triple shot Quad shot Pentagon (5 shot) Triple Twin
Septa shot (7 shot) Octo Tank Triple Triple (9 shot) Penta - Twin Overtank Supreme(win)

Better Cannons Type

1 gunner cannon 1 normal cannon Machine gun 3 gunner cannons destroyer 5 gunner cannons
super - tank (tank with a barrel that shoots with 6 times the power) shotgun (shoots 7 spreaded shots) double


Overtank Supreme(win)
The supreme allows you to be immortal, but you can shoot or ram into players. Basically a spectator.

The only way to gain exp in this game mode is to collect stars. it takes more a more stars to get to the next level, by the fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.). Stars are gotten from killing random A.I. controlled tanks, or finding stray stars with 1 / 3 the rate of a pentagon. The stars gotten from A.I. tanks, depends on the tier:

Tier one: 50% chance of one star

Tier two: one star

Tier three: two stars

Tier four: four stars.

Killing a normal tank of any tier gives half of the stars they earned, with half left for them.

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