This is a Tier 5 class, Branches off Deployer At level 60


It features a pentagon body and a Reverse Manager barrel.


It has nerfed body damage a little, similar stats from it's predecessor Deployer.

But the differences are, It shoots out bigger pink triangles, Who are more stronger, but slower and has more health.


As the Guard:

Use The same build as Deployer, but just max out the body damage. And just use auto fire and auto spin. You're done.

Against the Guard:

Use streamliner or destroyer branch, max out the bullet stats, and that will out-penetrate the drones.

Strong against: Deployers, Weak tanks, Necromancers.

Weak against: Streamliners, Destroyers, Other Guards.


This tank can obviously destroy all of the Necromancer's 'Sunchips'.

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