The Hexa-Slice is a Tier 4 upgrade of the Slicer and does not upgrade further.


The Hexa-Slice is a hexagonal tank with 3 short triangular spikes on each side.


As the Hexa-Slice

Due to the shortness of the spikes, it is best to have similar stats as the Smasher. Try to go in and ram tanks with only one side of bullets, similar to the Slicer. It is also good to have some Spike Penetration, too.

Against the Hexa-Slice

Octo-Tanks and bullet spammers with high penetration can easily take out Hexa-Slices, so these are some good tanks to take out the Hexa-Slice


This tank is inspired off of the Lancer upgrade with the six sides.

Chapsteck4Yurlipis's ideas

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