The Hexa Tank is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Triple Shot and upgrades to the Hexa Dual.


The Hexa Tank has a circular base with six barrels around it.


You'd probably ask yourself "Why making an Hexa Tank if we already have an Octo Tank?". Well, it has better stats. First, it has more Bullet Speed and it has a Max Health bigger than the Octo Tank. Apart, its Movement Speed is increased, very useful when trying to escape and keep shooting everywhere. Also, the Hexa Tank's bullets are wider, just a little. Unfortunately, its Reload and Bullet Penetration is lowered.


As the Hexa Tank

  • Do the same as an Octo Tank, but your ROF is lower, so it can be a treacherous technic
  • Your Max Health and Speed increase, so you have a little chance to turn into a little rammer

Against the Hexa Tank

  • Due to its Max Health and Speed, the Hexa Tank can turn into a rammer. Use this on advantage using bullet spamming wit high Bullet Damage. That should stop it a little.
  • In case that it activates the Auto Fire/Spin, its low ROF will leave holes on the bullet storm. Enter there and ram into it!


  • Some people will consider it useless.
  • It can be confused with the Quad Tank branch, but it doesn't upgrade from there.
  • It was supposed to reduce the Movement Speed. My bad at editing the BG :P
Pec110's Ideas

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