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Hidden Gunner is a Tier 3 Tank that upgrades from the Back Shield and Flank Guard Tanks at Level 30, it has no current upgrades at Level 45. The Tank utilizes the combination of a Turret and Shield occupying the same line of fire.


The design of the Hidden Gunner is nearly identical to the Back Shield, this was intentional as it allows for a Hidden Gunner to surprise enemies with its additonal turret. The Hidden Gunner has two equally sized turrets and an Orange Cone-Shaped Shield.


  • Greater Damage from both Turrets
  • Signficantly reduced Reload Speed
  • Greater Bullet Speed from both Turrets
  • Increased Movement Speed
  • 10% More Health (increases proportionally with Max Health Stat)
  • A Second Turret within the Shield
Inferno's Tanks

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