The Hitman is a 5 tier tank that upgrades from the Ranger when it reaches level 60.


The Hitman design features a compound cannon forrmed by 2 trapezoids, one wider at the lowest part of the cannon, a more narrow one at the middle; and on top of the cannon it has a rectangle. The cannon is as large as the Ranger, but it's thinner because it has a better accuracy than the other in consecuence the bullet size is reduced.


The Hitman has an increased FOV (even more than the Ranger), Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration, and a bit of Bullet Damage. However the Movement Speed and the Reload is decreased a lot.


  • Strong Against: Low Mobility Tanks, Distracted Tanks, Low Health Tanks.
  • Weak Against: High Mobility Tanks, Hidden Tanks, Tanks with high ROF and Bullet Penetration.
    Bullet Comparison Hitman and Ranger

    The bullet size of the Hitman is smaller than the Ranger.

This tank is preferably built as a Glass Cannon with added points to the speed, as you have almost nothing of this one (0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5). Your large FOV could lets you attack in a safe position, where you won't receive almost any low-speed bullets, so Max Health and Regeneration isn't as good as moving 'fast' and avoiding incoming bullets.

As you have one of the largest FOV (except from others Community-Made Tanks) you can surprise almost every tank (specially if they are destroying polygons), and, if it doesn´t has many Health, you would possibly kill it without any reaction, if not, your bullet speed would let you destroy the enemy if it doesn´t have a lot of Mobility.

You should move horizontally or diagonally, so you can take the most advantage of your FOV.

You should take care of the hidden enemies, fast enemies and Bullet Spammers, as you can´t escape from them or even resist a lot of bullets. Other Hitmen can kill you if you don´t shoot first.

Hitman 100% Real No Fake

Here´s a 100% Real No Fake Hitman Screenshot in the Game (Teams 2)


  • This is my first tank :)
  • It was made in PP :)
  • It was going to be called "Seeker" but it was already used :(
Pec110's Ideas

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