Hi! This is my own idea. If you have the same idea as mine, its just a coincidence.

Tank Info:

This tank looks like a manger but has a smaller thingy. Unlike Overseer,Manager and Overlord This tank has drones that are smaller in size like the small triangle at the base of a team in Team DM or Domination.This drones will have slightly bigger health than a normal drone. The drones will follow any enemy you can see in your FOV but if the drones are targeting an enemy and the enemy escapes from your FOV, it will seek polygons nearby instead.You have 16 drones but they are not controllable.


  • The drones will target only one enemy at a time. If there are more than one enemy in your FOV, the nearest one will be the target.
  • The drones are not controllable
  • The drones are slightly faster than a normal drone.
  • This tank is not good if you want to kill multiple enemies because the drones will target only one enemy until it is defeated or it escapes from your FOV so you will be vulnerable if there are many enemies.

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