The Host is a Level 45 tank that is exclusive to Team modes. It shoots Pentagons. This idea was made by UltraReconKing.


The barrel is now as thick as a Destroyer's barrel, but is very short. There is a gear on top of the tank that rotates.


  • Throws Pentagons.
  • Each Pentagon lasts 25 seconds when outside of the Pentagon Nest, instead of lasting forever.
  • You need to wait 4 seconds to shoot a pentagon; 1 second if Reload stat is maxed out.
UltraReconKing's Conceptions

Cluster Shot Airburst Mega Cluster
Blacksmith ArchitectHostCreator
Ice Tank Auto Ice TankFreezerParalyzer
Boomer Nothing yet!
Smasher BasherShadow
Trapper NintrapperBomberFisher
Spider Spider TankSpider ScoutTarantula
Other BatteryStriker

The BulletDeathParalyzerLauncherGenesis

Fallen MasterJesterTaken Predator

UltraReconKing (UltraReconKing)V-Cannon


CircleSuicidal Sphere

Custom Dominators

Cluster PolygonsTime Tank

There is a high chance that this Navbox is unfinished. Don't worry, UltraReconKing is still alive and will edit this soon enough!

Special thanks to Tacocat247 for organizing the navbox into tabs!

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