since i've seen this game i've made a ton of ideas for tanks, and i want to share them!

Tier 2


The meleer is a melee tank for killing people by having them be hit by the spikes that hit the foe and has a extra bar for regen, max health and body damage.



The targeter is a tank that has no special things except if target mode is on (r to toggle) it will shoot right towards any polygons or enemies but always shoot towards enemies first.


Spy Tank

The spy is a tank that is the same as the tier 1 tank but can toggle spy on and off (r to toggle) and if spy mode is off every thing is normal ,but if on in team games the tank is on blue, to blue team its a blue tank to red team its a red tank,same applies to there bullets but not the leader board and in ffa since its not a team game if spy is on (turns on when not moving or shooting) it will make you look like a pentagon a square or a triangle (one of the polygons).

Spy tank

Mini Dominator

The mini dominator is the same as a destroyer but half as good in damage, and penetration same in everything else.

Mini dominator

Tier 3

Mini Dominator upgrades

Mega Dominator

The mega dominator is the same as the destroyer but has more reload and less speed

Mega dominator


The magnet is a tank thats the same as the tier 1 tank but is magnet mode is on (r to toggle) it will attract things to itself and it adds a stat called "magnet power" if used and the higher the magnet power stat is the easier it will attract things to it and it will have a range of how far the magnet field goes

and doesn't attract bullets from your team or from you


Spy Tank Upgrades

All the spy tank upgrades are just like the spy tank but have differences and the upgrades are twin spy, spy flank, spy sniper, and spy machine gun, all like the tier 2 classes

Spy machine gun
Spy sniper
Spy flank
Spy twin

Targeter Upgrades

Twin Targeter

The same as a targeter but two barrels

Twin targeter

Advanced Targeter

The advanced targeter is the same as targeter but if target mode is on it will detect the enemy and see how fast its moving in all ways and how fast its bullets move and angle its self so if the enemy keeps moving the same way the bullet will hit the enemy

Advanced targeter

Meleer upgrades

Flank Melee

The flank melee is the same as the meleer but an extra spike on the back

Flank melee

Twin Melee

The twin melee is the same as the meleer but an extra spike on the front

Twin melee

Over Melee

The over melee is the same as a meleer but has 1 overseer barrel on the back (can have 4 drones) and has half the reload of an overseer

Over melee

Bullet Melee

The bullet melee is the sam as the meleer but has two barrels on the back witch can shoot gunner sized bullets

Bullet melee

Upgrades from tier 2 guns already in


Upgrades from twin or machine gun and shoots two bullets in 1 direction and when key r is pressed it will explode each bullet into 5 super small bullets shooting them all out that have 1/5 the penetration and damage, and when the bullets explode they disappear, and the bullets are twice as good in damage as the tier 1 tank


tier 4

Ghost Tanks

The ghost tank are all upgrades from the tier 3 spy tanks (spy twin spy sniper spy flank and spy machine gun) and are like the stalker, when not shooting or moving it turns invisible and there are the ghost twin the ghost sniper the ghost machine gun and the ghost flank all upgrading from there spy tier 2 tanks, spy twin upgrades into ghost twin only,etc

Ghost flank guard


Ghost machine gun
Ghost sniper
Ghost twin

Spreader Tank Upgrades


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