A tier 6 tank, upgrading from Thruster (by me, not pec's thruster) at level 75. It may not further upgrade.


2 more barrels are added, and any un-lapped barrels are overlapped by other ones now.


Recoil from firing is doubled. Body damage is increased significantly. Health regen is decreased. Reload is passively increased aswell.


Against the Hype Thruster

Have max movement and throw a storm of bullet behind you, it should slow them down aswell as making you take speed advantage. If they still manage to reach you, try to strafe and dodge until you depleted their HP, as their health regen is lowered.

As the Hype Thruster

some bullet storms will matter less now because of your insanely increased speed from recoil and increased body damage. Drone users and trap users might still be a problem, so its a better idea to pick them while off guard or, since you are likely faster than drones, try to counteract them. Avoid taking too many hits however, as your decreased health regen will disadvantage you.


This is suppost to be a joke.

No i did not mean hyper thruster.

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