Infini-Shot is a boss tank created by GameOver2016.


It's quite hard to explain, but it has circular base (like any other tank) but has 17 large bullet-shooting guns and 2 penta-shot guard spawners on the back!


  • This tank has less bullet knockback from other tanks.
  • Due to it's gigantic health and it's Pentashot guards, not even the skillest player can beat it alone.
  • When killed, it will explode into various Penta-Shot, so be cautious when killing him!
  • It can be considered the "Mother of the Penta-shots."
  • It's guard capacity is 6.


  • Bullet Storm: Doubles the reload speed for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 60. Stay away from him while it's on!
  • Penta Power : When it's heath reaches 25%, it will unleash 5 full-size Penta-Shots on his side.


Against the Infini-Shot

As it can only fire on 1 person at time, attacking him with a lot of people can be easier.


  • Yes, the image was made in Paint.

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