Basic Info

The insane gamemode is like normal FFA, but with several changes, that make it more fun, more interesting, newer, and much more chaotic. It is designed to create a new gameplay experience where there are fewer limits.


  • Level 45 is reached at 100K.
  • There are 66 upgrade points instead of 33.
  • Each stat can be upgraded to level 20, and 28 for smasher, allowing for extreme builds.
  • Stats that "define" certain tanks are exaggerated, such as increased ranger FOV, increased Overlord penetration/drone speed, tri-angle reload, etc.
  • Has double the amount of players as a normal FFA server.
  • Score from PVP is 1.5x the points of the killed tank, but you will gain negative score from killing low levels.
  • Pentagon nest is larger, spawns more triangles, pentagons, and alpha pentagons.
  • New Alpha Alpha Pentagon spawns rarely, about triple the size of alpha pentagon, 5x the HP, and awards 50000 points.
  • Shape spawnrate is increased, with square count.
  • Drone classes have less limits to drone count. The overlord, for example, has 24. Necromancer has 60-102.
  • Spammer classes have extra bullet penetration, but damage is decreased slightly.
  • Snipers have increased FOV, and bullet speed.
  • Destroyers have increased damage and penetration.
  • Trappers have increased range, and much more penetration.
  • Smashers are tankier, and go faster.
  • Green squares spawn much more frequently than in other gamemodes, at about 1/50th the rate of a pentagon outside of the nest.
  • Every level 45 tank is faster.
  • Recoil has more of an effect.
  • There is no score limit from killing level 45s.
  • Kill count is displayed next to score.
  • Leaderboard players killed are displayed in chat as "[Killer's Name] [Killer's Tank] killed [Killed's Name] [Killed's Tank]!".
  • Sometimes, alpha pentagons spawn outside of the pentagon nest.
  • White hexagons 2x the size of pentagons will rarely spawn around the map, have 6x the HP of a pentagon, and award 15000 points. When a player is nearby, a leader arrow-type thing will appear.
  • All the leaderboard players have arrows, but the lower level ones disappear from farther away.

More Info

Many of these changes are designed to get players fighting and doing complex and interesting PVP matches, and hopefully create an interesting, chaotic gamemode with lots of fun, extreme builds, and ridiculously high scores.

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