how the island mode would look like (if you ignore the sky)

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temple ruins

Island mode is a special mode created by hazardguy43.


In this mode the map is insanely big that minimap covers the whole screen and therefor can be minimized.There are at least some new elements in this mode,there are at least 2 islands,one is large and one is very small,there are also randomly spread out tiny islets mostly the size of a dominator ( about 20 - 25),there is also a pentagon cove,there are 4 team and their bases

1) Lake - allows you to hide under it,tanks cannot shoot you as long as you are submerged but enemy tanks that are submerged too can attack you

2) Arrow turrets - shoot at any tank that comes in its range.Found randomly

3) Forests - these slow down any tank that travel through them,only arena closers can destroy them

4) Ocean - no tank can walk through water in ocean except arena closers,smashers,chopper and boss tanks.Normal tanks can dive underwater.But they will drown if they stay underwater for more than 2 minutes

5) Volcano - found on random isolated island.Any tank that goes inside is instantly killed except for arena closers and boss tank.Randomly erupts magma every 10 minutes that has the enough range to reach large island and pentagon cove.This magma does lots of damage

6) Portals - allow you to go from one island to another

7) Fish triangle - aquatic version of pink triangle.Moves faster than normal pink triangle on water,but they are very slow on land.Spawns on a pentagon cove and random places on a map

8) Pentagon cove - located on a random corner of the map,filled with pentagons and alpha pentagons.Guarded by fish triangle who will give a quick death to any weak tank.Island mode version of pentagon nest

9) Cave of death - located on a random place of the large island.Spawns swarmers from queens

10) Swarmers - squares with a skull symbols.Always travel in groups.Has 2x more health than square and gives 2x more XP .Spawn in Cave of death and temple

11) Queens - larger version of swarmer that spawns at least 10 swarmers every minute.Gives 400 XP when killed.Has a bit more health than pentagon.These swarmers have claws and insect legs.Spawn in cave of death and temple (extremely rarely)

12) Healer plant - spawns healer seeds every minute,fully heals any tank that touches the seeds

13) Temple ruins - the place where boss monster resides,filled with walls and rubbles that prevent anyone from passing though them,guarded by swarmers and fish triangles.

Located in the center of a large island.When you reach the center there will be a boss statue.Shooting the statue will make the statue tremble and reveal the random boss (list of bosses by hazardguy43 is here).When this happens every player will be informed.

After the boss is destroyed,the arena closers will crawl out of small island volcano,islands will collapse and sink as arena closers wipe out any living thing on the map even NPC. These arena closers move 10 times faster than normal ones and have front gun of a penta shot,rear gun is a mega trapper,and side guns are that of a overseer,they can spawn infinite drones and traps.These arena closers are named : Island demons

14) Music - this mode adds a few soundtracks.Mostly Hawaiian relaxing music

Team elements

1) spawn base - players from each team spawn here (blue,green,yellow and red teams.Arena closers are either gray or purple)

2) polygon farm - produces polygons for the team since polygons are very scarce outside the base (besides hostile polygons and pentagon cove)

3) healing base - heals injured players instantly

4) base security - NPC units that protect the base from other teams.This includes -

Rabid guardians - even deadlier than normal guardians,encircle some parts of the team base,attack by stinging,do 5x more damage than normal guardian.They look like normal guardian but with fire trail.They have 1/8 health of a alpha pentagon,making them killable unlike normal guardian

Wipers - extremely powerful turrets that fire lots of bullets at anything that manages to escape from Rabid guardians and attack the base.Bullets do 1/2 damage of arena closer bullets.They look like basic tank but with skull on it.They are almost immortal

5) Guardian cave - when tank of certain team trespasses into another team.Guardians swarm out of cave to attack the enemy

6) Wiper lock - when base is safe from trespassers,they hide underground with a special lock system.When alerted,they rise out and attack 7) Guardian tanks - these use classes thats very strong, like Triplet, Guardian tanks protect the base while one of them is a Necromancer, one is a Triplet, and one is a Assasain

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