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Jouster is a Tier 3 Tank that upgrades from the Squire Tank at Level 30, it has two upgrades at Level 45; Pillager and Warhorse. The Jouster is a parallel to the Knight Tank as both are Quad Lance Turret Tanks with different alignments, the Jouster mirrors the Twin Flank Tank in this case.


The Jouster has a set of 4 Lance Turrets that are aligned in a Forward-Back Set such that the Jouster will hit enemies directly in front or behind it but most rotate for 45 Deg. Angles. The Turrets are slightly spaced appare so a highly accurate shot can go through between the turrets and his the Jouster Tank.


  • Increase to Damage Output
  • Increase to Movement Speed
  • Increase to Reload Speed
  • Decrease to Bullet Speed
  • Decrease to Maximum Health
Inferno's Tanks

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