Juggernaut is a game mode idea similar to Teams DM and Free-For-All, by UltraReconKing. In Juggernaut, the first few players to join the server become juggernauts. The juggernauts fight each other, trying to kill each other. The rest team up to take down the juggernauts themselves. When the juggernaut dies, the role is handed down to the person who hit them last, or if killed by a juggernaut, the next person to join the server.


When a Juggernaut spawns, they immediately level up to 45, thus being able to get a Tier 4 tank and all 33 upgrades. A Juggernaut has slightly more health than a maxed out health tank, deals slightly more damage than a maxed out damage tank and is slightly slower than a tank with no movement speed points.

In the game mode, the Juggernauts appear as red tanks. Despite being level 45, they are slightly larger than any other ordinary level 45 tank.
UltraReconKing's Conceptions

Cluster Shot Airburst Mega Cluster
Blacksmith ArchitectHostCreator
Ice Tank Auto Ice TankFreezerParalyzer
Boomer Nothing yet!
Smasher BasherShadow
Trapper NintrapperBomberFisher
Spider Spider TankSpider ScoutTarantula
Other BatteryStriker

The BulletDeathParalyzerLauncherGenesis

Fallen MasterJesterTaken Predator

UltraReconKing (UltraReconKing)V-Cannon


CircleSuicidal Sphere

Custom Dominators

Cluster PolygonsTime Tank

There is a high chance that this Navbox is unfinished. Don't worry, UltraReconKing is still alive and will edit this soon enough!

Special thanks to Tacocat247 for organizing the navbox into tabs!

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