The Killer is a tier 4 upgrade for the Sniper, branching off the Assassin.



The Killer features a long and pointy dagger-like barrel and shoots a pair of medium-sized, heavy-damaging and incredibly precise bullet.


  • Reload and Max Health are crippled.
  • Bullet Damage, Speed and Penetration increase hugely.
  • Body Damage is slightly increased as well as Movement Speed.


  • This tank was created by dwarftopia.
  • The pointy barrel can be used as some king of dagger in close combat thanks to the Body Damage increase. Don't expect much from it though.
  • Bullets from a max Bullet Damage and Penetration Killer do approximately 2/3 damage of a Destroyer with the same stats.
  • Because of its very strong bullets it is good at annihilating Medics.

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