The King Dominator is a giant Dominator, and focal point in the Event Gamemode, King of the Nest. The team that captures it will slowly start gaining points in their team's section of the scoreboard while in control. Created by ZathusTheMageV. Art by Akkaviv.


It takes the appearance of a giant Destroyer-type Dominator (the original kind), but has a crown as a symbol on it. Once it gets down to half health, the crown symbol flies off and it becomes green. Once destroyed and captured by a team, it gets the crown symbol back and becomes that team's color.

When Not Captured


The King Dominator in Phase 2.

  • It acts like an AI-controlled Dominator.
  • It has 15000 health.
  • When at 7500 health, its bullets become green, and inflict a random Debuff.
  • When at 3000 health, it will get the Armored and Frenzy buffs.
  • Once dead, the team who controls it gets it and a member can control it.

When Controlled By Someone

  • It functions exactly the same as a regular Dominator in control.
  • It has 9000 health when controlled by someone.
  • Right-clicking allows you to switch between Dominator weapon types (Destroyer, Gunner, and Trapper).
  • When you lose control of the tank, it reverts to Destroyer type.
  • When in control of the King Dominator, and it dies, the person inside will become Level 45 when they respawn.


  • It has less health when being controlled.
  • It is never seen using other Dominator weapons when AI controlled, but players can change weapon types.
  • At the top of the screen when taking control, it notifies you that you can switch weapons with right-click.
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