King of the Nest is an Event Gamemode created by ZathusTheMageV that takes use of the Pentagon Nest in a new way. Because it is an event mode, it can only be played under certain circumstances. This game mode is like Domination, but a lot harder, different, and longer.


King of the Nest can only be played Monday through Wednesday and because of this, is one of the most common Event Gamemodes.


  • There are four teams, each one has their base in a corner, like usual.
  • There is four regular Dominators, and one King Dominator in the center of the map. The Pentagon Nest is all around them, and is still functional, just heavily defended.
    • The Dominators are north, south, east, and west of the King Dominator, near the edges of the Pentagon Nest.
  • The map is 2x as big as in FFA, and therefore, the Pentagon Nest is larger, etc.
    • Regular Dominators can be any type (Gunner, Destroyer, or Trapper), while the King Dominator is always a Destroyer-type.
  • Crashers spawn half as often while all five Dominators are active.
    • Once at least one Dominator is captured by any team, Crasher spawn rates are now normal.
  • At the top right is a scoreboard, but there are only four, one for each team.
  • For every second a team has ALL FIVE DOMINATORS captured, they gain 1 point in their scoreboard.
    • Points stop being gained by a team if one of the Dominators become contested or changed to another team.
    • Because of this mechanic of having to capture all of them, AND control ALL of them for a length of time, this game mode will last a VERY long time.
  • First team to get 200 points in their scoreboard wins.
    • Even if a team started gaining points, but lose control of a Dominator, their points stay where they are (If Red gets 100, but lose control of one Dominator, they stay at 100 and can gain from there if they take control again).
  • The King Dominator cannot be attacked unless all four regular Dominators belong to one team. And only the team that has all four can hurt it. If they lose control of one while killing the King Dominator, it will become invincible, and regen all its health.


  • Its basically King of the Hill in
  • Alongside Fortress Mode, is probably one of the longest sessions you will play.

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