By Anson:


The Pulse(LV60 Octo UPG)

An Octo Tank that shoots in all directions. Have High penatration bullets but with lower damage. It has slower reload, about like a maxed out reload Destroyer. Movement speed is a pain and fortuneatly this thing has Very good Penatration.

Multi Tank(Overlord/Tri Trapper LV60 UPG)


The Most Useful Tank in the world! Having a sniper Turret that has good Reload,a Fast Launcher,Controlling up to 4 doritos...

What could be better than this?

Octolord(Overlord LV 60 UPG)

Ladies and Gents, the best Tank in the world, has GOTTEN AN UPGRADE!!! THE Octolord spawns up to 8 DRONES, you heard that right, and with the insane reload, Climbing the leaderboard is as easy as...Breathing the air.


Hero (Fighter LV60 UPG)

No comment, just look at how awesome this thing is.


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