This page covers gameplay of labyrinth: the effect of different color tiles, nebulizers, portals, crates, and how scoring is done.

Here are links to the level design and a simplified version of this mode.


The board is divided into 4 equal sectors, corresponding to one of four teams. New players are assigned to a team and spawn into any room within that team's sector. When a player is eliminated their points go into a team total, which is displayed along with the top score currently held by a starting player for each team.


#4 Green:40k/10k

Players stay assigned to their teams and once all starting players for a team are eliminated, the team score is reset to 0 and all the players currently on that team become starting players.

Game features


When a tank spawns in a room, the stat type corresponding with that room's tile color is boosted fully. A boosted stat is color coded white. Boosted stats improve performance the same amount permanent stats do. Boosts are gained by standing for a certain amount of time on tiles of a certain color room. They are lost when a tank leaves the room.

Waiting periods (in seconds) are calculated as follows:

N is the number of empty cells remaining for the stat type. 3*N is the time it takes to gain a stat boost. 6*(N+1) is the time it takes to lose a boost . Permanently improving a stat resets the countdown.
The attributes of each tile are tabulated below.

Color Tiles and their Attributes
Tile Color Stat Boosted
Orange Health Regeneration
Pink Max Health


Body Damage
Dark Blue Bullet Speed
Yellow Bullet Penetration
Red Bullet Damage
Green Reload
Light Blue Movement Speed
Brown All
White None
Gray None
Black None


The board, generally, is divided into two areas by the walls. An inner, labyrinth area, and outer, gray area. The view of the field for each player is limited, and they are only able to see what is on their side of the wall. The other side is, usually, covered by a dark gray field.


When ammunition hits a portion of wall, 4 units of that wall change to match the team color. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and allows any team member to move through the generated portal. Enemy portals can block enemy portals, meaning that one and only one team portal can open a section of wall at a time. Portals can be opened from either side of the wall.



A nebulizer allows a tank and its ammunition to travel through the walls and enemy portals. The nebulizer also allows both areas of the map to be viewed simultaneously.

Once a nebulizer is collected, all stat boost timers are paused and a multi-colored timer appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. A 60 second countdown begins, which can only be restarted by collecting more nebulizers. The nebulizer's timer cannot go beyond 60 seconds and once the timer runs out, the nebulizer and timer is lost.


Black tiled rooms have a nebulizer generator at their center, which can generate one nebulizer every 60-90 seconds. The black tiles also generate 10 times the normal amount of red triangles, but exclude any other shapes.


Standing on gray tiles causes the nebulizer and/or boost timers to run twice as fast and causes permanent stat improvements to be blacked out, indicating they are no longer being used to improve performance; only boosted stats would improve the tank's performance.

Permanent stats are restored immediately after the tank leaves the gray tiles.



Blue pentagons are given a 100% chance of being a crate, which spawn 25 yellow squares when opened. Opening a crate requires the same number of shots, causes the same body damage, and awards the same points as a normal blue pentagon.


Inside a Labyrinth Room


Gray Area Outside Labyrinth

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