A four team free for all set in a labyrinth, which makes use of dominators.

This mode is simplified from the original gameplay but largely uses the original layout

Board layout

The "Board layout" section from the original design page does not need to be reproduced here. The only notable difference to the original version, would be this paragraph:

"Each room is also randomly assigned one of 10 floor colors: orange, pink, purple, dark blue, yellow, red, green, light blue, white, or gray. Creating 90 different color, orientation, and area combinations."

This is changed to:

"The board is evenly divided into four team sectors and rooms are given team colors: red, blue, green, and yellow."

That, and a new cover image:



The whole, Aesthetics, section remains identical to the original and does not need to be reproduced here. 



New players are assigned to a team and spawn into any room corresponding with that team's color. When a player is eliminated their points go into a team total, which is displayed along with the top score currently held by a starting player for each team.

For example:

#2 Blue:5.7M/108k

Players stay assigned to their teams and once all starting players for a team are eliminated, the team score is reset to 0 and all the players currently on that team become starting players.

Game features


Tanks cannot move or shoot through walls.


Black rooms have a Dominator at their center.


White rooms contain a Pentagon Nest.



Blue pentagons are given a 100% chance of being a crate, which spawn 25 small squares when opened. Opening a crate requires the same number of shots, causes the same body damage, and awards the same points as a regular blue pentagon.  

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