The Laser is a Tier 3, Level 30 tank that upgrades from Sniper along with the Assassin, Hunter, and Overseer (I moved Trapper to Machine Gun; see this page.). The Laser upgrades to the Ray, Hexa Laser, Auto Laser, and the Mega Laser.


The Laser has a round body with a triangular cannon attached to it. The laser beam that it shoots is a thin red or blue line (depending on if it is you or somebody else in FFA or which team the Laser is on in other modes) with a glow surrounding it.



This tank shoots a damaging laser beam; it can be penetrated by bullets with high penetration. It stops and damages anything that it hits until it leaves its path or is destroyed.


Typical controls.


  • Strong Against: Flank Guard, Trapper, and Sniper class
  • Weak Against: Tanks with high RoF, concentrated fire, and Bullet Penetration or Damage; Sniper class tanks (excluding Overseer class tanks), Reflector class
Laser Beams

A red and a blue laser beam

As the Laser


  • Bullet Penetration and Damage make sure your laser beam does not get penetrated easily and they do more damage.
  • Bullet Speed increases your range.
  • Spread some points onto other Stats.


  • Ramming tanks can be stopped by Lasers if the Laser has enough damage Stats.
  • You can use your laser beam to block bullets.
  • Stay away from bullet spammers.

Against the Laser

  • If you think you are capable of bringing down a Laser, follow its beam until you find him.
  • If you are not capable of killing a Laser, stay out of its range because it is hard to escape once you are.

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