The Leech is a Level 45 upgrade to the Smasher. Because it is Tier 4, this tank does not upgrade further. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


The Leech looks like a Smasher, but at half size. Has four short Lancer spikes sticking out of the blue tank part itself. The hexagon still rotates beneath the spikes.


  • Leeches are half the size of other Level 45 tanks, making it harder to hit.
  • Leeches get a massive Speed Boost, but lowered Max Health and Regen.
  • Leeches do not apply knockback to tanks it hits. Like when a Body Damage Booster hits a tank, it sends their target flying forward a bit. This does not happen when hit by a Leech, allowing it to get huge damage fast.
  • Leeches recover health equal to half the damage they do a tank every second they are 'latched on'.
  • The more health the Leech accumulates in a 20 second period, the larger and slower it gets. As it gets bigger, its Body Damage and Health get increased too.
  • Every 20 seconds, the Leech deflates to normal size.


  • Leeches are creatures that suck the bodily fluids of victims they latch onto, and slowly get larger and fatter because of it. This is why the tank has a similar mechanic.
  • This tank does not have an effective 'fight or flight' strategy. If you don't outright kill your target, you won't be able to escape as easily.

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