This is just a concept idea for a new boss in Such enemy doesn't exist. (Maybe)

One of the first to change the world how we view polygons. The advancement comes fast, and this marks the beginning. To serve it's lord and savior, Pentavian. The Leviathan will avenge the lost alphas after centuries of destruction.


The Leviathan is a large boss that has an uncommon chance of spawning in the arena.

This boss will only spawn in Team DM servers or Domination.

It appears to look like an Alpha Pentagon with five Crasher spawners, five Auto Cannons, and one Auto Dominator Turret on the center. It has a lot of health but slow regeneration.

Unlike most bosses, this boss is entirely neutral to tanks unless shot at or directly attacked. Crashers that surrounds this tank will not charge into players unless attacked.

Despite it is related to the Alpha Pentagon, this boss won't spawn in the pentagon nest. It will also avoid bases so that it does not get killed by the Base Defenders.


Design Leviathan

The Profile

The Leviathan is slightly larger than an alpha pentagon. It has five Auto Cannons on each corner, and Crasher spawners among the perimeter.

There is a central cannon, which has a similar design to a normal dominator cannon but mounted on top.




Boss Stats

The Leviathan has a massive health pool, due to its size. It has 6,200 health however damage received from enemies will be reduced by 33%.

It regenerates 5 HP per second. It's movement speed is half the speed of a level 45 tank with no speed upgrades. It has a large field of view, about the same as an assassin's (Though it won't shoot until you're about 2/3 the distance to it). This boss has a lot of body damage, 60 HP of body damage per hit, thus ramming builds will not be useful. This boss will reward 40,000 exp and points when destroyed.

Crasher Spawner Spawner
The spawners around the side will summon large Crashers, each spawners will have a max of 2 large Crasher, making the max amount of Crashers it can have in total is 10. Unlike most Crashers, these don't attack players until the boss is attacked. The Crashers have the same size as larger versions found in the Pentagon Nest, but they have more HP.Unlike other drones, these Crashers will show their health and reward EXP. Each drone has 80 HP and will deal 20 HP in body damage. When the boss die, the Crashers will die with it. The spawners reload 1 drone for every 2 seconds.

Auto Cannons AutoCannon

There are five Auto Cannons evenly placed around the corners. The bullet stats are similar to the Defender's but they reload as fast as the Sniper with no reload upgrades, and slower bullet speed. The bullets are yellow in color, just like the Defender and Arena Closer's. These turrets can only rotate 72 degrees in each direction, they can not turn back into the body. About 3-2 turrets will attack at one time if there is only a single target.

Dominator Auto Turrets DominatorCannon

On the center has a large cannon, it launches a single bullet that does massive damage to unsuspecting tanks. The bullet is similar to the destroyer Dominator's, slightly smaller, slightly faster. The penetration and damage is stronger than a maxed out destroyer's.



This boss is neutral to any tank at any level, it is only hostile if a tank shoots the body. The boss will continue to target the enemy until it's out of range, it will continue to attack the enemy until it flees away long enough. This tank will be hostile for longer if more players attack it. If left alone long enough, It won't harm anymore, until it gets attacked again. Its best to leave this boss alone if you see it by yourself.

The boss fallows a specific path around the map, it goes in a circular path that is a reasonable distance between the bases and the Pentagon Nest. It has a random chance of going either clockwise or counter clockwise. The boss will not fallow any tank.

Polygons won't be hurt from this boss.


This boss will be attacked by base guardians, but it usually keeps its distance from the bases. (For OBVIOUS reasons)


(My predictions)
  • Strong Against: Weak tanks, Ramming Builds, Overseer Classes, Trappers.
  • Weak Against: High DPS, High Bullet Penetration, Sniper Classes, Necromancers (WIth Crashers and/or in VERY low health)
    • Crashers will lock on to the nearest player, they will not change focus, even when other tanks intervene.
    • This boss doesn't intend to ram into other tanks.
    • The Crashers have five points of Drone Health and five points in Drone Damage, Necromancers can clear out a large swarm of them, but the squares could be sacrificed since the boss will clear out the drones quickly if near the Dominator Cannon.
    • It should be advised to have a group of level 45 players in Team DM to help kill.
  • Some tanks with focused fire, like streamliner, could be an effective damager, but be warned that it can shoot it's destroyer bullet, absorbing a chunk of the stream of bullets.


Omega Pentagon

Old Design

  • There used to be an older design for this boss, it looked like it has metal plates, and the middle dominator cannon used to be attached to a pentagon. This is also the first ever picture in this wikia made by me.
  • This boss is the combination of an Auto 5, Hybrid, Overlord, and Alpha Pentagon.
  • It was formerly named the "Omega Pentagon".
  • First boss made by Graviatar.
  • Nerfed health from 5000 - 4250.
  • Later buffed from 4250 - 4550. - Outdated
  • Due to recent discoveries about HP, bosses in have all 3,000 HP as well as alpha pentagons. Since this boss is suppose to be stronger than simple bosses, it adapts to 5,000 HP. (1 and 2/3 the HP of an alpha pentagon).
  • Buffed HP once again to 6,200
  • It is a card in DCoW Heros.
  • Winner of the First Conception Tournament in Simple Bosses category.

If you have any recommendations for this boss, please give me feed back to improve it.

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